2004-07 was a belgian based dancetheatre company consisting of five members; Inez Pessoa, Marie Gyselbrecht, Amelié Marneffe, Laida Azkona and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, who met at SEAD. The collective was working from 2004-2007 and… Continue reading

I am an everyday hero

I am an everyday hero is Reverse Collective’s second production and this performance was created from an open starting point where no predetermined ideas on interpretation or theme were decided. All physical and musical… Continue reading

“.. and like the English girl who followed the rabbit through a gap in the hedge, I soon found myself falling into a new world”

A performance that digs into stereotypes and investigates what lies beneath them. This production were the first collaboration between the members in Reverse Collective. Lenght: 30 min Concept, choreography and performance: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg – Sound… Continue reading


Marie-Louise Stentebjerg aka ML works in the Performing Arts business. She vaguely sees a fixed salary far out in the horizon. She’s dating a British guy and the two have an ongoing research… Continue reading