31-05-1981. Faaborg, Denmark.
Nationality: Danish.
Permanent address: Ydunsgade 2, 4tv. 2200 Copenhagen N.
Tel.: (0045) 22222307

Working as performer, dancer and choreographer
Co-founder of the 3 independent organisations/groups Reverse Collective, Collective.At and RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN (works listed below)

Currently following the 2 year program AUTEUR at Odsherred Teaterskole, Danish Development Center for Performing Arts. 2011-2013.
Graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2005 (SEAD).
Intensive Erasmus Program, Dance Integrated in Humanities and Society, Academy year 2004-05, at Amsterdam School for the Arts.


July-Nov 2011 Shame by Via Negativa. Performer/Author. Premiered at The Old Power Station, Ljubljana, Slovenia in November. 2 additional performance in January 2012

Feb.+June 2011 Casablanca Therapy. Prague. CZ and Germany.

Oct 2010 Manual for Better Games. Concept and performance in collaboration with Amelié Marneffe(BE). Lille Carl, DANSEhallerne. DK.

Feb.- Sept’10 Performer/author in Casablanca Therapy, DNA project/Via Negativa, directed by Bojan Jablanovec. Slovenia. Tour in May/June: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland.

Jan 2010 Performer for Stine Marie Jacobsen. Remake of Beetle. BKS Garage. Cph. Dk.

Jan+Jun ’10 FEVER. Arena Theatre 28th Jan., Wolverhampton. GB – Arc Theatre, Stockton on Tees 8th June – Richmix, London 11th of June. England.

Oct/Nov ’09 ‘Invited as choreographer and performer of the London based company MIKS, for the collaborative project FEVER. Performances: Laban Theatre 11th and 12th Nov. 2009, London. Croyden Clocktower 19th. Nov. 2009

SOLO projects

Jan. 2012 ”Only you” performance project on Residency at Laboratoriescenen in Cph. DK

June 2011 This is no puppet show” developed at SPOT ON – 2 weeks residency and following choreographic platform. Work-in-progress. Cph.


2012 ”The Rock’n’Roll academy – a performance about anything but music”, premiere planned at Københavns Musikteater

2012 ”Elevator Home Run” – planned urban act performance at elevators in public space.

2009 “I am an everyday hero”. Created for Skopje Biennial 2009 XIV, Biennial of young artist of Europe and the Mediterranean. 3-12th Sep. Skopje. Macedonia.

2008 – 2009 ”…and like the English girl who followed the rabbit through a gap in the hedge, I soon found myself falling into a new world”. Performances at: Diversia Festival for Contemporary Dance Duets 28-30th Sep. 2009. Kostroma. Russia – RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN performance festival 2009. Cph. DK – World dance day 2009. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. DK – Junge Hunde Festival 2008. Århus. Dk.

2008 ”..på samme måde som den engelske kanin, der faldt ned i et tomrum gennem et hul i marken.” Performances at: The National Gallery of Denmark. DK  – ’Fri og Frejdig’ a dance/performance festival from De Frie Koreografer. Prøvehallerne. DK

2011 RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN. Invited with the collaborative project End(less)Theatre at the festival Performance-Kunst, at “Den Frie, Centre of Comtemporary Art” Copenhagen.Dk.
Sep. 2010 The stage that wasn’t there festival for more performativity in Copenhagen. Plex Music Theatre. Copenhagen. Dk.
Jun. 2009 RISK.RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN festival for more performativity in Copenhagen. Raahuset, 20th of June. Copenhagen. Dk.

2006-2007 ”Petite Cuisine”, concept, choreography and performance in collaboration with Inez Pessoa and Marie Gyselbracht. Performances: Junge Hunde 2007, Aarhus, Dk – Mayday Festival, Antwerp. Belgium – Premiere of ”Petite Cuisine”, performing it 2 evenings, at Batard Festival 2006, La Bourse, Brussel, Belgium – Touring with an adapted version of ”Petite Cuisine” in the project ”Instant Acts – Against Rasicm and Violence” under direction of Interkunst. Germany/Italy.

2005-2006 Concept, choreography and performance for the video ”Room 21”, in collaboration with Marie Gyselbrecht. Screenings at: 14a Quinzena de Danca de Almada, Lisboa, Portugal – Dancecamdance, Gent, Belgium – Filmfestival Antwerp. Belgium – Museum Miat, Gent, Belgium – Airplay Gallery, Cph. DK.

20042005 ”Quien Soy es” Concept by Inez Pessoa. Choreography and dance in collaboration with all dancers/members. Performances: Dreamshot Festival, Cultural Centre of Berchem, Belgium – Sala Cuarta Pared, Madrid, Spain – 12.a Quinezena de Danca de Almada, in Forum Municipal Romeu Carreia, Lisboa, Portugal.

2004 1st price with ”Quien Soy Es” at ”Encuentros, Jovenes Artistas de Navarra in Teatro Gayarre, Centro Cultural Noain, Pamplona, Spain.
2004 Founded Collectiv.At. A collective consisting of the 3 dancers and independent choreographers, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Marie Gyselbrecht and Inez Pessoa.

Jun.2011 Red swan, music video for The Mob by Milad Alami. Choreographer. Cph. Dk.

Aug. 2009 Dancer in “Kild mig ihjel” dancefilm by Maia Sorensen. Cph. Dk.
Sep. 2008 Performer in a site-specific work by Deborah Vlaeymans and Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Cph.
Apr. 2008 Performer for Camilla Duus in several small performance events, Idrætsfreaks. Cph. DK
Sep. 2007 Performer and author in ”EX:CHANGING Memories of movement”, a inter-active dance piece with concept by Sara Gebran at Dansescenen, Cph, Dk.
Jul. 2007 Performer in ”Lysternes Have”, a site-specific performance directed by Marie M. Kristensen. Cph, Dk.
Mar. 2007 Performer in video for the performance, ”UnderOver-Fladen”, by Madeleines Madteater. Cph, Dk.
Nov. 2006 Performer in ”Demokratisk kaffebordsmaskine”, interactive site-specific work by Camilla Duus and Thomas Oestergaard. Cph, DK.
Aug. 2006 Performer in ”Landskab med Argonauter”, a site-specific performance directed by Marie M. Kristensen and Sarah Cederstrand. Cph., Dk
Jul. 2006 Performer in ”Meet the mind that moves”, site-specific/installation, concept by Matilde Mørk, Roskilde Festival, Dk.
May 2005 Performer in ”Red”, choreography by Milan Kozanek, Sead Theater, Austria.
Jul. 2004 Concept, choreography and dance for the piece ”Orange juice at 5” in collaboration with Eva Burghart, Lust am Risiko, Sead Theater, Austria.
Jun. 2003 Dancer in ”Nuts and other fruits”, choreography by Vita Osojnik, Lust am Risiko, Sead Theater, Austria.
May 2003 Dancer in ”Far from the body”, choreography by Rebecca Murgi, Symfonic Dance, Sead Theater, Austria.
Apr. 2003 Performer in ”Nacht der Frieden”, a collective creation, Scene-Republic, Austria.

SUPORTED BY 2008-2010
Danish Arts Agency. Elektronisk Musikpulje and Initiativpuljen at Aarhus City council. Snabslanten and Scenekunstudvalget at Copenhagen City Council. Augustinus Fonden. Koda Dramatik. Nordea Fonden. Skuespillerforbundet. Artistforbundet.

2004 1st price with ”Quien Soy Es” at ”Encuentros, Jovenes Artistas de Navarra in Teatro Gayarre, Centro Cultural Noain, Pamplona, Spain.

Aug 2010 Performing Arts Forum, France.
Aug 2010 La Malterie, Lille France
Aug.06+07 ”Sommerstudio”, PARTS, Brussels, Belgium.
05+06 ”De Ingang”, Gent, Belgium.
2005 ”Centre Choreographique Carolynn Carlson, Ballet du Nord, Roubaix, France.

Sep/Oct. 06 Giving workshops in Contemporary technique/Improvisation during the Interkunst Tour in Germany/Italy.

Dec. 2010 Writing course by Thor Bjørn Krebs. Efteruddannelsen. Cph. Dk
Nov. 2010 BMC. Regina Biermann. Cph. Dk
Jun. 2009 Solo Creation workshop with Kitt Johnson. Cph. Dk.
Apr. 2009 Roy Hart technique. Statens Teaterskole Efteruddannelsen. Cph. Dk.
Apr. 2009 Nervous system. Body Mind Centering workshop. Regina Biermann. Cph. Dk.
Mar. 2009 Contact improvisation. Jean-Hugues Miredin. Cph. Dk.
Feb. 2009 Expressive anatomy. Kitt Johnson. Cph. Denmark.
Mar. 2007 Nordic Impro Meeting, Cph., Denmark.
Nov. 2007 One month butoh course with Rhitzome Lee at Subbody Butoh School Himalaya, India.
Aug. 2007 David Hernandez….,etc. Summerstudioes Brussels, Belgium.
Jul. 2007 Stuart Lynch, Bodyweather, Cph, Denmark.
May 2007 Contact Improvisation Festival, Malmo, Sweden.
Nov. 2006 Kitt Johnson, Solo Choreography, Aarhus, Denmark.
Apr. 2006 Barbera Mahler, Mahler/Klein technique, Cph, Denmark.
Apr. 2006 Louis Lara Malcavais, Improvisation, Malmo, Sweden.
Feb. 2006 Otto Ramstad, Body Mind Centering, Cph, Denmark.
Jan. 2006 Joerg Hassman, Contact Improvisation, Israeli C. I. Festival, Israel.
May/Jun. 05 Tisch School of the Arts, Dance department, Intensive Summer Workshop, Teachers a. o., Bill Young, David Dorfman….etc
Apr. 05 Nhandan Chirco, Movement and Voice Work, Body Unlimited Program at the University of Novisad, Serbia.
Aug. 04 Anita Saij, Intensive Butoh Summer Camp, at the Seaside, Denmark.