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Two-Women-Machine-Show is a project name under which the choreographers and performers Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg have joined forces. They first met at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in 2004 and again back in Copenhagen in 2009. Here, alongside doing their own projects and international collaborations, they founded the artist collective RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN together with two other dancers; Marie Topp and Gry Raaby. After several collective collaborations and the shared evening BODIES EXTENDED at Dansehallerne in 2011 they decided to do an initial collaboration based on their shared approach to the performing arts and a curiosity to investigate this further as a duo. Out of that came the short piece ‘Back to Limbo’ followed by the foundation of two-women-machine-show. The title refers directly to the two being primus motor in their work.

With their background in dance the duo is constantly investigating and re-defining the term choreography. Their work and research is built on a conceptual frame of investigation rather than a predetermined idea of an outcome. No media is excluded in their work and artists from other disciplines will be invited when necessary in the search for new stage-related expressions. In their work they use text, materials and the body as their main tools in a choreographic process of constructing meaning on stage. Adding or reducing on stage in a constant negotiation with the audience. They seek to build a sketch like frame where the final work is only finished in the dialogue between stage and auditorium.

two-women-machine-show is represented and produced by Wunderkammer Cph. under direction of Luke Cooper and Sam Moore. The duo is currently supported by the Danish Arts Council for their production Mass Hysteria, which will premiere at Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti, Buenos Aires in October, 2012. Mass Hysteria is the duo’s first major work together. They were kindly invited in residency by Bora Bora, Århus; RAS, Sandness and Habitantes, Buenos Aires for the development of piece. An early version of Mass Hysteria was presented at 68 m2 art space, Cph. The final version is so far programmed for RAS, Sandness; Stillhetsfestivalen, Oslo as well as Dansescenen, Cph. 2012/2013. A small tour in the UK is currently in discussion.


Mass Hysteria trailer:


About the initiative
RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN is a collective consisting of members IDAPERFORMS, Marie Topp, Gry Raaby, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Jara Høgsberg, whose aim is to bring attention to the importance of creating open platforms for performativity in Copenhagen.

With our open platforms we wish to create spaces, where artists working with performativity can meet across different artistic fields. Location is as well of great importance to us. We intentionally choose to place our events in unaccustomed surroundings to show that good stage art experiences can occur outside of the established stages. In this way we wish to convey performativity to an audience who are not regulars in the world of stage-arts.

On the 20th of June 2009 we held our first open platform event for performativity in Copenhagen. This initiative was based on requests and wishes from locally based artists. The festival was on a small scale, but was still considered a serious pilot project. Over 350 people visited the event, which took place between 8 PM and 3 AM.

We had our second platform on the 11th of September 2010. Rooms was filled with ever-changing life and performativity at Københavns Musikteater under the title “The stage that wasn’t there”. We gave the audience the freedom and right to take action and navigate through their evening themselves. All rooms were open. The fearsome honesty between performer and audience was to be valued and welcomed as nowhere else.

Latest project

Following the conception of RISKs fundamental ideas the festival Merging Grounds (Hosted by Den Frie Udstillingsbygning) aimed to create a platform for performativity. Different approaches to performance were presented by using four general categories: LIVE, PRODUCTION, REMAKE and DOCUMENTATION. The categories, which within the genre of performance constantly merge, were presented here separately in an attempt to lay bare the field’s complexities.

RISK was invited to represent the performativity related to stage arts for the category LIVE. We created an End(less) Theatre, which dismembered the traditional theater production process as we know it by aiming to exhibit a process which decisively refuses to be product oriented. Instead the performance focused on the artistic practice itself, creating an exhibited and self-evaluative organism that continuously altered and questioned its own concepts, methods and failing attempts: A situational self portrait of the theatre enterprise.

Video documentation:

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The work of Reverse Collective is a fusion of contemporary dance, performance, visual art, music and sound art employed in search of a universal language that engulfs the spectator and transcends age, gender, language, political stance, religious views and not least formal training.

The key element is a multi layered method of expression that toys with universal imagery, through a multitude of live snap shot images and atmospheres rapidly and cunningly transforming from one into another, throughout the performances.

No linear storyline is ever employed, and open interpretation – to create works which invite reflection, without forcing a specific point of view upon the spectator – are also emphasized Reverse Collective trademarks.

The three members are all working individually but found a common interest in exploring the possibilities in the performance/stage  art. The collective has two finished productions, first one based on the physical expression, second on the set design/installation and the third one will be based on the sound.

Chorographer and performer Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Musician and performer Mikko Mansikkala Jensen

Visual artist Sia Tang Boman

Currently they are working on 2 new projects; “Elevator Home Run” which is a urban act performance that will happen in public elevators through out Copenhagen – and the last project in the trilogy; “The Rock’n’Roll academy – a performance about anything but music”, with planned premiere at Københavns Musikteater in 2012.

“.. and like the English girl who followed the rabbit through a gap in the hedge, I soon found myself falling into a new world”

A performance that digs into stereotypes and investigates what lies beneath them.

This production were the first collaboration between the members in Reverse Collective.

Lenght: 30 min

Concept, choreography and performance: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg – Sound and performance: Mikko M. Jensen – Set design: Sia Tang – Idea development: Sia Tang, Mikko M. Jensen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg – Costume: Anna Lica R. L. Hansen – Dramaturgic and choreographic assistants: Camilla Duus and Matilde Mørk – Administration: Projectcentret at Dansens Hus – Supported by: Danish Arts Agency, Augustinus Fonden, KODA DRAMATIK, Den elektroniske pulje og Initiativpuljen at Aarhus City Council – Performances: 2009: Diversia Festival for Contemporary Dance Duets, Louisiana Museum for Modern Art, RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN festival at Raahuset. – 2008: Junge Hunde festival



I am an everyday hero is Reverse Collective’s second production and this performance was created from an open starting point where no predetermined ideas on interpretation or theme were decided. All physical and musical material was created with inspiration in the installation created by Sia and therefore the performance allows the spectator a certain freedom when watching. The emphasis was put on equal physical presence on stage and interaction between the three artistic elements, which does, that the performance can be seen as a following of several tabloids with physical/audio actions.

The performance was made for and played 4 times during XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean – Skopje 3rd -12th of September 2009, Macedonia, in the category Urban Act.

Lenght: 20 min

Concept, choreography, performance: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg – Performance and concept for the installation: Sia Tang – Sound and performance: Mikko M. Jensen – Supported by: The Danish Arts Agency and Electronic Music pool, Aarhus City Council (Den Elektroniske Musikpulje v. Aarhus Kommune) – Administration: ProjektCentret at Dansens Hus



2004-2007 was a belgian based dancetheatre company consisting of five members; Inez Pessoa, Marie Gyselbrecht, Amelié Marneffe, Laida Azkona and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, who met at SEAD. The collective was working from 2004-2007 and made 4 productions, the performances “Quien Soy Es”, “Petite Cuisine” and “Two possibilities and many more obtions” and the dancefilm “Room 21”.

Their work has been shown at 12a and 14a Quinzena de Danca de Almada, Lisboa, Portugal – Sala Cuarta Pared, Madrid, Spain – Junge Hunde Festival, Aarhus, Dk – Mayday Festival, Antwerp, Batard Festival at La Bourse in Brussels and Dreamshot Festival at Cultural Centre of Berchem,  Belgium – Dancecamdance in Gent, Filmfestival Antwerp and Museum Miat in Gent, Belgium.

They won the 1st price with ”Quien Soy Es” at ”Encuentros, Jovenes Artistas de Navarra in Teatro Gayarre, Centro Cultural Noain, Pamplona, Spain. And has been touring with an adapted version of ”Petite Cuisine” in the project ”Instant Acts – Against Rasicm and Violence” under direction of Interkunst. Germany/Italy.

From the performance ‘Petite Cuisine’ 

From the dance video ‘ Room 21’ 

From the performance ‘Quien Soy Es’