End(Less) Theatre

Box1Following the conception of RISKs fundamental ideas the festival Merging Grounds (Hosted by Den Frie Udstillingsbygning) aimed to create a platform for performativity. Different approaches to performance were presented by using four general categories: LIVE, PRODUCTION, REMAKE and DOCUMENTATION. The categories, which within the genre of performance constantly merge, were presented here separately in an attempt to lay bare the field’s complexities.

RISK was invited to represent the performativity related to stage arts for the category LIVE. We created an End(less) Theatre, which dismembered the traditional theater production process as we know it by aiming to exhibit a process which decisively refuses to be product oriented. Instead the performance focused on the artistic practice itself, creating an exhibited and self-evaluative organism that continuously altered and questioned its own concepts, methods and failing attempts: A situational self portrait of the theatre enterprise.

See video documentation here

See the video work PRODUCTION here