Back to limbo

A work by two-women-machine-show

In Back to Limbo Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen take their point of departure in a man´s written dislikes of women. Through the use of a loop-machine the recorded text gains in materialty. And in the meeting with the two performers the text is further recycled, processed, obeyed, opposed, dissected and deconstructed. It must be said that inspite of this piece’ origin Back to Limbo is not about gender stereotypes. The performance focuses instead on the obtuseness that occurs when we un-reflected adopt certain understandings or constructions from our social and political surroundings. More precisely the piece deals with questions such as: What is the actively chosen inactivity? What is the voluntary passive? What is nodding? What is a ‘yes-man’ and a concious non-entity? The performance explores that which is not even unwilling to perform, but with a peculiar wish, only is.


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