This is no puppet show

I speak – they re-enact

The work is an exploration of how to construct and play with meaning when text meets auditory and visual disturbances on stage. The central element and point of departure is a loop machine that functions both as a live element, through which text is accumulated and deconstructed by the performer on stage, and as a documenting element with its perpetual repetitions of what is recorded throughout the entire performance. Thus the loop machine in many ways became an evolving and performative organism in itself.

The performance is based on written statements and text excerpts from different philosophers, playwrights and writers and the texts excerpts are to a certain extent disjointed in meaning as they come from different sources. Added visual and performative aspects the fragmented landscape slowly assembles into a phrased performance and constructs a common frame of understanding.

Text and performance by Nicolas Bourriaud, Tatsumi Hijikata, Peter Handke, Mina Loy, Faris and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Developed at: Spot On – choreographic platform 2011

Performed again at IETM 2012 in the shared night Quadraphonic with Sara Gebran, Lucy Suggate, Luis Lara Malvais and Martin Vognsen

Video documentation: