Project by Via Negativa. Premiered in NOV 3-4-5. Next performances in Ljubljana: Spring 2012.

After a series of small format projects Via Negativa is coming back with a bigger project and an international cast. “Shame” is a project, which opens a new performance series about unsolvable clashes that form the core structure our contemporary society.

Today, our post-industrial culture seems to be completely open and ready to accept us as we are: “Be yourself, show yourself! There’s nothing to be ashamed of!” As if shame simply doesn’t fit our contemporary identities anymore. But in spite of denial, shame remains secret structure of each subjectivity – persists as some stubborn surplus of humanity. In contemporary media culture shame is ashamed of itself. Media reality became a masquerade of insecure individuals hiding behind their faces and defending their dignity – hiding their shame. And so is our performance: we created numerous fictional, biographic, fairy, allegorical and absurd characters and hide ourselves. Shame is a travesty of fake identities hiding and overlapping each other.

Conceived and devised by the group. Performers: Anita Wach, Darko Japelj, Grega Zorc, Katarina Stegnar, Magdalena Tuka, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg. Concept and direction: Bojan Jablanovec. Costumes: Via Negativa with help of Ajda Tomazin. Producer: Špela Trošt. Production: Via Negativa with support of Ministry of Culture of RS and the City of Ljubljana. Partner: KUD Moment Maribor.