Manual for Better Games

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In Manual for Better Games the performers are being guided live, through a youtube video, to make a scenographical setting in which new rooms and possibilities are created. The audience will step by step be following this simple actions development on the stage.


1. Pick any web video lesson

2. Apply devices to a different subject

3. Switch off the computer and play

Performance and concept: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg & Amelie Marneffe – Light: Anders Rasmussen – Light ass.: Silje Rosengren – Administration: Hanne Svejstrup at Projektcentret – Dansens Hus – Supported by: Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, Codaspace, Cph., La Malterie –Lille, FR.

A performance made in collaboration with Amelié Marneffe. It premiered at Dansescenen’s Lille Carl at DANSEhallerne in Copenhagen 14th of Oct. 2010 as part of a double program with IDAPERFORMS.