Casablanca Therapy

Performance project initiated by DNA – developing new art in Prague, Czech Republic in collaboration with Via Negativa, directed by Bojan Jablanovec.

Collaboration with Development of New Art (DNA)

Project started as a workshop with invited performers from Checz Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Denmark in order to introduce them into Via Negativa working process and to select those, which found this way of work challenging and productive. The stories about being a victim of consumption’s love ideology sprang up, scenes about searching for new but at the same time more and more ridiculous and absurd ways to satisfy need for love and need to be loved, were created. Casablanca is a performance about love as a misunderstanding, packed with cheese romantic songs and love clichés. It exploits theatre as a group therapy; performance culminates with the invitation to the audience to come on stage and touch performers following the instructions on their laptops. Casablanca therapy is a performance desperately needing to be touched by the audience and risks to be disappointed again and again.

That’s Love, the one with capital L. That’s the love of the movies, the love of books, the love that causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach, and transforms your eyes into heart-shaped mirrors…(PROVOKATOR.ORG, 20 May 2010)Copy-of-CASABLANCA-THERAPY-160-350x232