Back to limbo

A work by two-women-machine-show In Back to Limbo Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen take their point of departure in a man´s written dislikes of women. Through the use of a loop-machine the recorded text gains in materialty.… Continue reading

End of Locomotion (VIDEO WORK)

Locomotion is the act, fact, ability, or power of moving. (She stays in motion till the applause comes to an end.) In physics, motion is a change in position of an object with… Continue reading

End(Less) Theatre

Following the conception of RISKs fundamental ideas the festival Merging Grounds (Hosted by Den Frie Udstillingsbygning) aimed to create a platform for performativity. Different approaches to performance were presented by using four general… Continue reading


RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN is a collective consisting of members Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Marie Topp, Gry Raaby and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, whose aim is to bring attention to the importance of creating open platforms for performativity in Copenhagen.… Continue reading

Solo research

To be updated….

This is no puppet show

I speak – they re-enact The work is an exploration of how to construct and play with meaning when text meets auditory and visual disturbances on stage. The central element and point of… Continue reading


Project by Via Negativa. Premiered in NOV 3-4-5. Next performances in Ljubljana: Spring 2012. After a series of small format projects Via Negativa is coming back with a bigger project and an international… Continue reading

Casablanca Therapy

Performance project initiated by DNA – developing new art in Prague, Czech Republic in collaboration with Via Negativa, directed by Bojan Jablanovec. Collaboration with Development of New Art (DNA) Project started as a… Continue reading

Manual for Better Games

  In Manual for Better Games the performers are being guided live, through a youtube video, to make a scenographical setting in which new rooms and possibilities are created. The audience will step… Continue reading


With a focus on interpretation and translation, the three members of MIKS have invited four artists from different parts of Europe (Christian Ubl, Valeria Primost, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Nicholas Quinn) to challenge their… Continue reading